Electric bike rider excited about our lexivon bike torque wrench review

LEXIVON Bike Torque Wrench Review

Why Do I Need A Bike Torque Wrench Set?

Torque wrenches are essential in bike maintenance, providing precise tightening of bolts to manufacturer-recommended levels. This prevents over-tightening, which can damage bike components, and under-tightening, which can lead to loose parts during rides.

Key Features of the LEXIVON Bike Torque Wrench

The LEXIVON Bike Torque Wrench features a torque range of 2~26 Newton Meter, suitable for various bike components. Its 72-tooth gear ratchet head ensures precise and smooth operation. Made from Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel, the tool promises durability. It comes pre-calibrated for accuracy in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, with a calibration certificate included.

The wrench has an Electro-Black finish for rust protection and a non-slip handle for comfortable use. The kit also includes HEX and TORX bit sockets, an extension bar, and a 1/4-inch adapter.

Something often overlooked until well after you’ve placed the order is how READABLE an instrument is. Whether we are thinking in terms of measuring spoons and measuring cups in the kitchen, or here in the land of electric bicycles, when configuring or reading a measurement / setting, a tool that is easy-to-read becomes invaluable. Our review team was pleased to see that the LEXIVON bike wrench uses solid, strong, highlighted yellow serif print on a black background, which stands out very nicely, even in low-light situations.

We also found the dual-range scale helpful for broad use applications.

Additionally, the handle is fantastic! Not only is it non-slip, but they’ve gone out of their way to design a proprietary solution for handle rotation. They suggest that the reduced effort in normal use may reduce hand fatigue by up to 62%. We’re not sure how they arrived at that percentage, but they are, after all, a company that specialized is measurements, so we’re going to give them a pass on that one. All we know is, the handle, with all it’s features, really got our attention, and we believe sets this product apart from a number of alternatives on the market.

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Comparison with Other Bike Torque Wrenches

Compared to others, the LEXIVON kit stands out with its precision, build quality, and comprehensive bit set (as well as the aforementioned features in readability and handle-design). The calibration certificate and dual-direction functionality are not common in all torque wrenches, providing an edge over competitors.

This is definitely one of those tools that you wish you had when you need it, or appreciate that you bought one and had available when the need arose.

Practical Applications for Cyclists

Whether for routine maintenance or significant repairs, this torque wrench set is versatile for cyclists of all skill levels. The range of torque settings and bits included cater to most bike models and components.

The LEXIVON Bike Torque Wrench can be used on an electric bike similarly to how it’s used on traditional bikes. It helps in accurately tightening bolts to the specified torque, crucial for parts like the motor mount, battery mounts, and pedal assist sensors, where precise torque is essential to maintain the bike’s integrity and performance. Proper torque ensures that these critical components are securely attached without being over-tightened, which could lead to damage or under-tightened, which could result in loose parts during operation.

It is also likely that the Lexivon bike torque wrench could come in hand with your electric scooter or electric hoverboard as well, depending on how they are manufactured. Basically this is a highly useful and handy tool to have on hand. (We bet you’ll use it elsewhere around the house sometime, too!)


The LEXIVON Bike Torque Wrench is a valuable tool for cyclists, offering reliability, precision, and quality unmatched by many competitors. Certainly one of the smart electric bike accessories to have on hand!

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